The second Bill required to formally establish Tasmania’s Civil and Administrative Tribunal is now available for public comment as part of the Tasmanian Government’s commitment to improving access to justice for all Tasmanians.

The Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Amendment Bill 2020 (TasCAT) will set out how the new single tribunal is to be constituted and establishes the original and review jurisdictions of TasCAT.

This second tranche Bill will:

  1. provide further powers and procedures for TasCAT (for example, costs and appeals);
  2. provide referral of matters from TasCAT to the Magistrates Court (Civil Division) for matters that involve Federal diversity jurisdiction; and
  3. set out the transitional arrangements allowing current Tribunal/Board members to be transferred to TasCAT from its commencement date.

Nine Tasmanian Boards and Tribunals have already co-located as part of this significant reform in a new facility in Barrack Street, Hobart.

As Attorney–General and Minister for Justice, I am pleased to have prioritised this significant reform and I am confident that TasCAT will deliver a more client-centric focus, particularly for our protective jurisdictions.

We have continued to work closely with existing tribunals and their stakeholders to ensure they are fully consulted throughout the planning and transition phase.

‘The first Bill to establish TasCAT was passed in State Parliament in October 2020, and applications are currently being considered for the appointment of the President of TasCAT, which is expected to formally commence July 2021.

Visit the Community Consultation website to have your say on the Bill.

Elise Archer, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice