Having comprehensively failed to deliver on her promise to unite the party and end the infighting, it is clear Rebecca White has now ceded all decision-making to the ALP’s National Secretary and National Executive.

In a train-wreck press conference designed to clear up a number of issues, Ms. White was asked repeatedly about her views on Tuesday’s extraordinary Federal intervention but was unable to comment except to say, over and over, that the decisions were taken by the ALP’s National Executive and the National Secretary.

Ms. White also refused to answer questions as to whether she had personally requested the intervention, or had any say in the decisions to abandon the State Conference or sack the ALP’s State President Mr. McGregor without notice.

When asked about whether the State Conference was cancelled because of potentially embarrassing stoushes over events surrounding David O’Byrne and Mr. McGregor, Ms. White’s only response was:

“I don’t know, I don’t have a crystal ball, wish I did.”

What is crystal clear now is that Rebecca White is leader in name only and her statements have confirmed her unconditional surrender to the ALP’s National Secretary and National Executive.

Ms. White’s latest claims that she will ‘change the culture’ of the Labor Party simply cannot be believed, as she has failed to deliver on her earlier promise that she would stop the infighting, the bitter divisions and that she’d unite the Party – in fact, it’s only got worse under her leadership.

Tuesday’s actions by Labor’s National Executive are a clear vote of no-confidence in Ms. White and the bitterly divided, shambolic Tasmanian Division of the Labor Party, and confirm that Ms. White has simply lost control.

And if you can’t govern your own party, how can you possibly claim to be able to govern Tasmania?

Elise Archer, Liberal Member for Clark