As part of the due diligence process for the Northern Regional Prison, core testing drilling is set to begin on the Brushy Rivulet site on Monday, 12 October. Core testing advises the composition of soil, clay and rock and is an important and essential element of the due diligence work.

Greens Environment spokesperson Rosalie Woodruff’s claims that the drilling is adding to the risks faced by Wedge-tailed eagles are simply incorrect.

No work will be undertaken within the 500 metre no disturbance zone that is in place for the duration of the Wedge-tailed eagle breeding season, and due to the nature of the vegetation, there is not a clear line of sight between the nest and where the work will occur.

We will be fully cognisant of the local environment during this process, and importantly, the Department is being advised by an independent environmental consultant in relation to the drilling work.

At a time when the State needs jobs more than ever before, we are committed to delivering the Northern Regional Prison in an effective and timely manner in accordance with planning requirements.

This vital project will support more than 1000 jobs and deliver an economic boost of $500 million to the region.

Elise Archer, Attorney-General and Minister for Corrections