Legislation designed to help make Tasmania’s electricity industry safer has been released for public consultation.

Currently, legislation governing electricity safety is spread across three Acts that have not been updated since the 1990s.

Consolidating all legislation relating to electricity safety in one new Act will make it easier for practitioners to understand their obligations and responsibilities.

The new draft Electricity Safety Bill:

  • modernises the electricity safety legislative requirements in line with current industry practice;
  • provides flexibility to actively manage requirements for safety issues associated with emerging technologies;
  • introduces the position of ‘Director of Electricity Safety’ to administer electricity safety;
  • clarifies electricity safety responsibilities associated with electricity assets and their maintenance; and
  • where appropriate, aligns with national model legislation for consistency in application.

The Bill does not affect prescribed electrical work administered under the Occupational Licensing Act 2005.

The draft Bill will be available at https://www.justice.tas.gov.au/community-consultation. Submissions close on Friday, 4 March 2020.

It is anticipated that the Bill will be introduced to Parliament later this year.

Elise Archer, Minister for Building and Construction