Labor simply can’t get the facts right on the Northern Regional Prison and that is no surprise from a party which has no plans and continues to backflip on this important project.

Today in Parliament, fly-in fly-out Member for Lyons, Jen Butler referred to the proposed site for the new Northern Regional Prison as “in the village”.

This is blatantly untrue.

The site is actually near the Valley Central industrial precinct, some two kilometres from “the village”.

The Government is not proposing to build a prison in the main street as Ms Butler would have you believe.

Ms Butler then went on to falsely claim that I’ve been criticising the Westbury community.

Ms Butler said “you’ve even accused them of fearmongering and peddling mistruths…all you have done is denigrate that community even more” – which is another absolute load of rubbish.

It is Ms Butler who is spreading mistruths and fearmongering.

Ms Butler’s third blatant lie of the morning arose when she then accused me of calling Westbury residents “nimbys.” I have never called anyone in the Westbury community a “nimby” – ever.

And Ms Butler even tried to suggest she had been visiting Westbury “almost daily for the past month” when we know she has been in Hobart at Parliament for at least two of the past four weeks.

Ms Butler is loose with the truth and ought to read up on the facts before she endeavours to tell more porkies to the Meander Valley residents – and especially to Parliament.

Here is the link Ms Butler to the FAQs:

Elise Archer, Minister for Corrections