Labor are once again whingeing and complaining while offering no solutions of their own.

The existing Burnie court facilities are no longer fit for purpose which is why, as part of the 2021-22 Budget, we allocated an additional $25 million, on top of the original $15 million commitment, to develop a new Burnie Court Complex.

The Government has investigated sites for the potential court complex, however, none were identified near the current complex or within the CBD.

The complex on the UTAS site will deliver modern, fit-for-purpose courts that will provide better access to justice across all jurisdictions of the court for those in the North West, as well as supporting jobs on the North West.

And to be absolutely clear, the Government is committed to community consultation.

Any redevelopment will need to go through the usual statutory planning processes, which will provide the community with an opportunity to provide comment about the proposed development on the site.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works is also considering the project, with a public hearing scheduled for Tuesday next week.

Labor whinge and complain endlessly, bereft of a policy of their own, but if they don’t support the proposed site they need to clearly explain what their alternative is, and how they would deliver it.

Elise Archer, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice