The Government’s hotel quarantine arrangements have served Tasmania well and we thank the companies in charge of security for their important work to keep our State safe.

It is simply distasteful to say the least that Labor’s representative and Shadow Attorney-General, Ella Haddad would try and play rank politics with this and vilify these companies by falsely comparing Tasmania’s situation to Victoria.

This is the same Ms Haddad that literally stood in front of a hotel while quarantined passengers were disembarking, potentially putting herself and others with whom she came in contact at risk, along with every other Tasmanian.

For Ms Haddad’s information, the Government was asked for this information yesterday afternoon. As with any legal contract, the Department undertook the required due diligence before releasing the information, which is now complete.

I would urge Ms Haddad and Labor to stop trying to politicise this pandemic and support our efforts to keep Tasmanians safe.

The security companies are as follows:

  • Elite Protective Services;
  • Eagle Security Services;
  • Kevlar Security Services.

Elise Archer, Attorney-General and Liberal Member for Clark