Labor’s political point-scoring has reached a new low with Shadow Minister for Corrections, Ella Haddad failing to recall her party’s deplorable corrections record during their 16 years in government.

Labor and the Greens stood down staff and then promised not one additional correctional officer at the last election. They failed to adequately invest in prison infrastructure and even shut down the Hayes’ Prison facility.

It has taken our Government to fix the mess left by Labor, which includes an additional 159 Correctional Officers since May 2016 with 40 of them recruited in January this year.

Our priority is to not only keep Tasmanians safe but also protect Tasmania Prison Service staff and that is why we are investing $350 million to fix aging prison infrastructure left by Labor, including a Northern Regional Prison and the new Southern Remand Centre.

While Ms Haddad and Labor opposed our Justice Legislation (Mandatory Sentencing) Bill 2019, which delivers guaranteed jail time for those who assault our frontline workers, including Correctional Officers, we make no apologies for being tough on crime while committing record resources to our corrections system.

We call on Labor to have a plan or even a policy which goes beyond their previous record of neglect.

Elise Archer, Minister for Corrections