Despite Labor’s best efforts to drum up fear and misinformation on the new Northern Regional Prison, upon announcing the preferred site this week, the Government immediately commenced its extensive community consultation program.

Project officials have been pounding the pavement in Westbury meeting personally with business owners and residents to ensure they feel properly informed and feel very much part of this comprehensive consultation process on the preferred site.

One-on-one meetings with land owners, which neighbour the site have also been organised, including representatives of businesses in the adjacent industrial precinct.

All households in Westbury, Exton, Hagley and surrounds have begun receiving information in the mail to outline the exact location of the preferred site, the expected benefits to the community, the major security measures planned and other key facts around the new prison.

On top of this, the first community drop-in sessions will be held in Westbury on Thursday, 10 October from 11am to 6pm, and Friday, 18 October from 12pm to 7pm at Fitzpatrick’s Inn, 56 Meander Valley Road, to give local residents and business owners the opportunity to seek further accurate information on the project and put forward their views.

Those attending the drop-in sessions will receive one-on-one sessions with members of the new prison’s project team.

Importantly, these scheduled sessions will continue as the project progresses towards the planning phase (which includes further consultation).

These significant and ongoing community consultation activities in and around Westbury are in stark contrast to the reckless actions of the Labor Party.

Instead of consulting the community, Labor has launched a scare campaign squarely aimed at misinforming local residents.

Elise Archer, Minister for Corrections