Mr Stephen Large has been the Chief Executive Officer of the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (PAHSMA) and Director of the Board for 20 years.

In his role as CEO, Mr Large has had responsibility for the management of three complex and internationally significant Heritage Sites (Port Arthur Historic Site, Coal Mines Historic Site and the Cascades Female Historic Site) involving both conservation and tourism operations.

Mr Large has overseen the recognition of these sites through listings on the Tasmanian State Heritage Register, the Australian National Heritage List and the receipt of World Heritage status on 31 July 2010 as three of the 11 penal sites constituting the Australian Convict Sites World Heritage listed property.

Under Mr Large’s leadership, the Port Arthur Site and tourism offering has experienced significant growth and success having been consistently been recognised for excellence in tourism, including being awarded the prestigious ‘Australia’s best Major Tourism Attraction’ for the last two years running, as well as receiving several other awards at the State and National level.

Following the conclusion of Mr Large’s tenure on 4 November 2020, the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority will appoint Ms Jane Harrington as interim CEO whilst a recruitment process for a new CEO is undertaken.

I thank Mr Large for his commitment to excellence and stewardship of some of Tasmania’s most important and precious cultural and tourism assets for the last 20 years.

Elise Archer, Minister for Heritage