The Tasmanian Government is implementing innovative solutions to attract and retain more Correctional Officers to alleviate some of the current challenges within our prison system.

Today, I am pleased to announce that the Tasmania Prison Service (TPS) is embarking on a major recruitment campaign, kicking off this weekend to bolster the number of Correctional Officers within the TPS’s ranks.

We have invested significantly since coming to office, with more than 200 extra Correctional Officers in our prison system since 2016, including 79 in 2020 alone, but we know more needs to be done, and this is another positive step forward.

Advertisements will run in the three Tasmanian newspapers tomorrow seeking applications, followed by an intensive campaign that will run nationally and in New Zealand in the coming weeks, with the aim of attracting suitable applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds.

The role of a Correctional Officer is a challenging but rewarding one and I encourage anyone interested to jump online and visit from tomorrow to learn more.

Successful applicants will start training later this year before starting work in early 2022. This follows an earlier selection process which will see 16 recruits commence their training in coming weeks and be available to start work later this year.

We are also presently looking at other pathways to encourage people towards a career in our Corrections system, and we will continue working with the unions on this important work.

This again confirms we are recruiting and training staff across the TPS as fast as we can, and comes as applications close on Sunday 1 August 2021, for five new therapeutic positions within the TPS that will help deliver programs for prisoners in the Corrections system, including in drug and alcohol intervention.

It demonstrates our strong commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for both staff and prisoners, and we will continue doing all we can to ensure the safety of everyone within our prison system.

Elise Archer, Minister for Corrections